Now – Vacation Experience

Sometimes life presents significant, unforgettable moments. Special moments that we must capture right here and now, without any compromise. Now Moments. We are a unique generation, one that seeks and satisfies indulgences. Our lives are turbulent, dynamic and full of experiences, so who would want to pass up on all the pleasures that life offers us? Until we actually experience free time, we love to seize those moments here and now, all and everything! It must be perfect.

Our couple’s vacation must also be perfect, precise, accessible and possible, and most importantly, in Eilat. The new Now Hotel is a boutique hotel for guests over the age of 18, designed entirely to ensure you a perfect holiday experience, just as you would expect – a 21st-century oasis.

Now Hotel Eilat invites you to enjoy a quality and unparalleled vacation experience. A boutique hotel located approximately 200 meters from the Red Sea with an inviting rooftop pool for hotel guests only, meticulously designed rooms and suites with the ultimate state of the art specifications, such as balconies with private swimming pool, luxury amenities, and spa treatments in the comfort of your own room.

At the Now Eilat Hotel, you are guaranteed a compelling, chic and tailor-made vacation. One that is fun to remember even after your vacation is over. On arrival you immediately feel that you have arrived at a chic, upscale hotel, unparalleled to any other, which also offers personal service catering to your exact needs.

We have worked around the clock to refine every detail of your vacation. Our dedicated team of staff will provide you with a unique holiday ambiance with a carefully selected playlist, a small number of rooms, befitting an exclusive boutique hotel, and VIP events developed especially for you and tailored to a limited number of guests.

Among the various luxurious elements, around the pool and the wonderful atmosphere of Eilat, you can enjoy an exquisite dining experience. Mood Rooftop Restaurant serves you a rich and varied menu that changes throughout the day and night, alongside a range of alcoholic beverages and hot and cold drinks.

What, are you still here? Go pack your suitcase. We will prepare your suite and take care of the rest.