About Us

Boutique hotel in eilat

What is life if not a set of memories and experiences that cannot be forgotten, special moments that accompany us for many years, and a special vacation in a luxury boutique hotel.
Such a holiday experience can only be found at the Now Eilat hotel – a boutique hotel for guests over 18 years old.
Now is a hotel adapted to your pace of life, a hotel with an atmosphere of entertainment and music alongside peace and calm.
Exclusive accommodation with a limited amount of decorated rooms, pampering suites that include private pools.
Parties and events are also held at Now on Thursday evenings and Friday afternoons with a carefully selected playlist, the chef Mood restaurant, a fine alcoholic beverage bar and much more.
A real luxury boutique vacation in Eilat, about 200 meters from the sea, with all the experiences, music, attractions and entertainment offered by the best resort city in Israel.

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