Exclusive Offers

It’s always worth checking our offers and benefits, a great opportunity to stay for a little less, or get a little more.

Summer Vacation

Book a summer vacation and enjoy a 5% discount!

*For new orders only

Mid Week

Book night and breakfasts and receive dinners at Mod restaurant as a gift.

                  * For booking a minimum of two nights or more
             * Valid until 31.03
  * Valid for the middle of the week only,
except on holidays

Free Massage

Book a room with a private pool and receive
couples massage as a gift!

*For new orders for the month of October
* For the middle of the week, Saturday – Wednesday (not include holidays)
* Valid for booking 2 nights or more

Long Stay

Book 2 nights and get the third night at a 50% discount!

* Valid every day of the week
* Does not include Israeli holidays

Online Booking

5% discount for online bookings on our website only
* All year round